Quality with TÜV and AGFW certification

Process reliability and certification

The only constant in life is change! Recognising innovative energy systems and the opportunities provided by the energy transformation requires maximum process reliability. Specifically, the individual requirements and the mix of different systems require reliability in all process steps. We safeguard a wide variety of processes for each building optimally and efficiently. Individual consulting, careful planning, professional installation and reliable service right from the start – process reliability ensures that we carry out all steps with maximum quality and precision.

Signed, sealed, delivered

The highest quality is our standard – and we have this on paper! We are certified by TÜV (the German Technical Inspection Agency) and comply with technical quality requirements in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 3834-2 standard. In addition, we have all welding technology prerequisites in place for manufacturing pressure vessels. Our quality assurance and the professional skills and knowledge of our employees are also TÜV certified. The certification from the AGFW (German Energy Efficiency Association for Heating, Cooling and CHP) ensures that we supply you with cost-effective district heating over the long term in district heating pipeline construction. On the basis of high quality, the AGFW rules and regulations increasingly represent the state of the art of technology for the European district heating sector. This is how we guarantee you the highest level of security!

District heating AGFW certificate FW 601
TÜV SÜD certificate. WHG.
Welding certificate from GSI SLV München

A selection of our corporate qualifications:

  • Member of the ITGA Industrieverband Technische Gebäudeausrüstung Baden-Württemberg e.V.
  • German Pressure Equipment Directive (DGRL) Module A1 Certificate for internal manufacturing checks with monitoring of the final assessment (Module A1) in accordance with Directive 97/23/EC for manufacturing pipelines with and without equipment in Category II in accordance with the German Pressure Equipment Directive.
  • AD 2000-HP 0, HP 100 R TRD 201 and DIN EN ISO 3834-2 Certificate of the welding technology prerequisites in accordance with AD 2000-HP 0 / HP 100 R/TRD 201 and DIN EN ISO 3834-2 for fabrication of pressure vessels in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC with certification of the following essential prerequisites: Equipment for manufacturing, testing and inspection and quality assurance as well as specialist supervisory, inspection and testing personnel.
  • German Water Management Act (WHG) Certificate for a specialised enterprise in accordance with the WHG for installations for storing, drawing off, handling and manufacturing, treating, and using water-polluting liquids, flash point less than 50 °C.
  • AD-W0 TRD 100 Agreement regarding proper re-stamping of products with certifications of materials testing from manufacturers that have been tested in accordance with the rules and regulations for systems requiring monitoring (Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC and AD 2000 data sheet W 0/TRD 100).
  • AGFW Certificate as a district heating pipeline construction company in accordance with AGFW Worksheet FW 601 with qualification for the group “FW st, ku”. The AGFW (German Energy Efficiency Association for Heating, Cooling and CHP) is a professional association that certifies the voluntary inspection of the structure and workflow organisation of the energy utilities. It defines the rules for certifying pipeline construction and joint installation work.
  • Handwerkskammer Schwaben (Chamber of Crafts Swabia) Craftsman card, certificate of entry into the craftsman role for exercising the crafts of installers and heating installers as well as refrigeration system installers.
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