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Deckel Maho Pfronten

For the company Deckel Maho Pfronten the trades heating, ventilation, sanitary and refrigeration for the new logistics hall south were realized. In the new building with office wing and heated unloading zone,…

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Green Factory

Future today

Luftaufnahme der Green Factory

The CO2-neutral factory

The Green Factory at the main site of the Alois Müller Group in Ungerhausen is the largest nearly energy-self-sufficient production and office building in the world. It has a symbolic character in the area of energy efficiency and sustainability while also serving as an example of making the energy revolution a reality…

Mobile solutions


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You can use our mobile warm-air heating systems, heating stations and refrigeration systems for quickly and efficiently heating or cooling any kind of space. They are ideal for use as temporary or long-term heating or cooling solutions…


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We have grown from a traditional family business into an innovative and medium-sized company with ten locations. We face the challenges of the present and future by taking a holistic and sustainable approach to our work.


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Green Factory

The energy-self-sufficient and CO2–neutral factory

In our Green Factory we provide extensive manufacturing and production services for mobile power stations designed as containers as well as for power module systems. Furthermore, we manufacture ventilation ducts and technical supply components for plant construction such as piping systems made of steel and stainless steel in a CO2-neutral production environment.

Our solutions are to your advantage: quality assurance, time savings, process optimisation and sustainability.

A new video by the VDI ZRE shows resource efficiency with a practical example

CO2-neutral production

It is possible to have nearly CO2-neutral production by using your own solar installation, a combined heat and power plant, a pellet heater and production processes tailored to power generation. The new video by the VDI Centre for Resource Efficiency (VDI ZRE) called “The CO2-neutral factory – Green Factory” shows how sustainably our power supply is designed