Luftkanalfertigung Green Factory in Ungerhausen

Air duct manufacturing

At the highest level

State-of-the-art control engineering enables us to meet your every need quickly and effectively and adapt fully to your individual wishes.

We ensure precision and careful processing of high-quality materials for maximum structural stability, heat insulation and noise-proofing. We carry out regular in-house testing of the air ductwork for strength and leakproofness in accordance with DIN EN 12237.

Air duct segments with an edge length in cross-section of max. 5,000 mm and a length of 1,500 mm are part of our standard programme.

We have integrated special features into our processes. If the situation calls for non-standard lengths and cross-sections or increased stability, we can offer a solution by providing the corresponding profiles and reinforcements for added rigidity. The design engineering and production of custom components such as throttle elements, air outlets, low-velocity diffusers and exhaust hoods is part of our range of products and services.

We produce up to 65,000 m2 of air ducts a year on our production lines. Thanks to the outstanding coordination of our team, we can respond to all challenges in the project business, even on short notice.

Luftkanalfertigung Green Factory in Ungerhausen
Lüftungsanlage im Klinikum Kempten


State-of-the-art production technology

Our range of products and services in the metalworking area includes development and manufacturing of technical sheet metal parts and complex light-gauge sheet metal components in sample lots as well as small and large production runs.

Fast order fulfilment and customised production concepts make us a recognised metalworking contract manufacturer for sheet metal parts with the highest level of quality.

Our production range extends from punching, deforming, embossing, laser cutting, laser metalworking and edging to pressed parts and component assembly.

Our production facilities:

  • Flatbed laser with integrated tube laser
  • Edging press
  • Folding press
  • Round bending machine
  • Welding systems
  • Testing and inspection technology
  • Crimping machine
Abkanntpresse LVD ToolCell in der Green Factory.
Laser von Trumpf in der Alois Müller Produktion mit zwei Arbeitern

Pipe and manifold fabrication

From planning to assembly

Continuous technical evolution in energy systems, as well as increasing requirements for environmental protection, bring about the search for answers.

We gladly face these challenges and produce pipes for various energy systems. In doing so, we place great importance on making sure our skilled personnel handle everything from planning to installation. This enables us to fulfil new requirements as well as strict safety and quality standards while also responding quickly. If necessary, we offer a delivery time of just 12 to 48 hours.

In our manifold fabrication, we focus on ensuring an optimal surface and volume ratio so that the energy transfer surface area is kept to a minimum.

This allows us to save energy, as does the complete separation of the forward and return flow. In planning, we also ensure optimum utilisation of space. Our refrigeration pipe coating in accordance with AGI Worksheet Q 151 is corrosion protection in line with the latest state of the art of technology.

  • Process audit
  • Approval in accordance with DGR – Category 2
  • Pipe bending with NC-controlled pipe bending machine
Verteiler Schweißen bei Alois Müller Produktion in der Green Factory. Arbeiter beim Schweißen.
Sonderkomponenten Produktion in der Green Factory.

Custom components

Tailored to your wants and needs

We have integrated special cases into our processes. We are also flexible in our standard product line.

If the situation calls for special lengths and cross-sections as well as increased stability, we can offer a solution by providing the corresponding profiles and reinforcements for added rigidity.

Our skilled workers from the areas of engineering mechanics for thin sheet metal technology and welding technology, TIG / MAG welders, machine operators for lasers and edging machines, as well as plumbers and metalworkers, approach their work with enthusiasm, day after day.

Come visit the Green Factory in Ungerhausen and get a first-hand look at our high quality standards. We work with you to develop the perfect solution for whatever specific challenge you are facing.

Our range of products and services includes design engineering and production of special components such as:

  • Throttle elements
  • Air outlets
  • Low-velocity diffusers
  • Exhaust hoods
  • and many more.

Steel construction


Of course, we are certified in accordance with DIN EN 1090. Since mid-2014, the DIN EN 1090 standard has been binding throughout Europe for the design of steel and aluminium structures.

The certificate is a necessary prerequisite for the CE marking of steel and aluminium components and the free circulation of goods in the EU.
The certificate confirms the monitoring of the plant and the Factory Production Control.

With the certification in accordance with DIN EN 1090, we prove not only the qualification of our employees and the required technical equipment, but also compliance with the product characteristics that have been defined as important for the components created by us.

Our range of products and services includes but is not limited to:

  • Railings
  • Pedestals
  • Platforms
  • Stairs
  • and many more.

We guarantee your project lead time with directives that ensure maximum quality and safety.

Imagebild Stahlbau. Zwei Arbeiter bei der Kontrolle im Stahlbau.
Orbitalschweißen Alois-Müller-Gruppe

Orbital welding

The new generation of welding technology

Orbital welding is an automated TIG welding process in which defined and documented welding parameters are used to achieve maximum process reliability and quality.

When performing orbital welding, process reliability can be guaranteed in each welding position.

This process ensures that welding joints don’t come loose and is the best way to guarantee the most secure connection between pipes and moulded parts. The system guarantees maximum quality during the moulding process through integrated monitoring of the remaining oxygen. We can produce materials, particularly stainless steel, at various quality and surface quality levels reliably and within a short production time while ensuring that they are reproducible.

The fields of application are varied and include all situations in which a high level of quality and durability/X-ray safety of the weld seam are required. Areas of application range from the chemicals and pharmaceutical industries, food technologies and biotechnologies, high-purity water plants and aerospace technology to automotive, energy and offshore technology.

The orbital welding process offers the following advantages:

  • High level of process safety and reproducibility
  • Optimum process monitoring
  • Short production times and changeover times
  • High level of efficiency