ZF Forum | Friedrichshafen

Ventilation, heating and cooling

The new ZF Forum building, the headquarters of ZF Friedrichshafen AG, with an integrated exhibition area, opens a new futuristic chapter in the object concept for employees and visitors. The high level of innovation is reflected not only in the sophisticated construction method but also in the strategic orientation of the energy concept. We took over the entire part of the heating and cooling technology: with strong manpower and excellent conceptual planning.
Refrigeration plant with two different areas

  • approx. 7,500 sqm cooling ceilings with 512 kW for 48 EDP and information and communication technology rooms
  • ventilation units with 1,000 kW capacity

Heat supply via own local heating network with 2,210 kW of the ZF Forum

  • installation underfloor heating
  • installation of the transfer station with four sub-stations
  • installation of 4 sub-central units, which supply ventilation, radiators and concrete core activation


  • the heating manifold was prefabricated in the company’s own production facility in Ungerhausen – this saves time and ensures systematic, smooth operation

More info about this project in the Alois Müller storyboard

Ventilation system ZF Friedrichshafen

Ventilation system ZF Friedrichshafen scaled

Ventilation system ZF Friedrichshafen